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I Would not Touch the Sky With Two Hands is a  choreographed botanical concert. A performative sound installation where the sound is produced live with medicinal connected to a music device which translates the electromagnetic waves between the leaves and the roots into sound.

Meanwhile, a choreography appears as an accident. A shared ritualistic practice appears between three women, a group of plants, a machine and visitors as  they co-habit the space and thereby influencing each other. 


The work presents itself as a choreographed situation which imagines a future with other languages, where the land is occupied in a nomadic way by different non-fixed species which continue their travel in an unintentional way. It ́s a space with an other temporality than the one imposed by our capitalistic and industrialized societies. It ́s a work that is not stable and doesn't have clear borders; it travels through the architectural space adapting itself to the shapes of the building, to the human and non-human agents which pass by and to the specific acoustic of each corner.

A choreographed situation of hybrid alliances traversed by healing sound waves. 

"Like a movement that accidentally finds its paths in unintentional manner growing on each others neck. Like the growing of gestures contemplating the very inner stream of life. They grow around the corner, holding a joined and accumulated gesture in a levitating posture. They fall and they re-grow, they grow differently, grow within something else. Living on the edge of a break and assume its may coming unknown consequence can teach us to stay open to differences. Before that of what we have predicted. As we live within a daily changing world we can learn from a biological world that knows, that the world is based on change and not stability".



Duration: 30´ performance - 3hs durational work

Direction: Paula Almiron

Created and performed by: Eliane Bertschi, Fabrizia Fluhler and Paula Almiron

(extracts performance Kunsthalle Zurich 2018)

Password: Munar    (extracts performance Munar Buenos Aires)

Munar, Buenos Aires, 2018


Kunsthalle Zurich, 2019

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