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(Sonorous Nomadic Medical Office), 2018 

Consultorio Nómade Sonoro is a durational performance developed in July 2018 during a working period in residency NARA in Boyacá, Colombia. During the residency, I worked with the collaboration of Angela Zuluaga, director of the natural reserve Nido de Aguilas and local food activist.

As part of my research related to sound and plants, I developed the Nido de Aguilas Sound Library, which functions as a sonic translation of La Botica, the medicinal plantation of the natural reserve. In order to create it, I recorded different plants with a music device which translates the vibrations of the plants into sound.


The day of the open studio, together with Angela, we installed a Sonorous Nomadic Medical Office where 31 "patients" were treated with individual listening sessions inside the plantation.


The work addresses questions regarding the distribution of agency within the contemporary culture of healing  and proposes a space to redefine what is considered as a disease in our individual and collective body. Eyes closed, after having shared with us intimate conversations under the sun's heat, our "patients" attended the individual sessions to heal from heart problems, ankle twist, loneliness, anxiety, and insomnia, among others. 

As part of the work being developed, I recorded different plants in the other area during the night to work on a music composition / chorus / sound installation (in progress 2018/2019).


Sound Library La Botica:

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