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Paula Almiron is an Argentinian choreographer and dancer based in Brussels. She obtained a Master's degree in Choreography and Arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels (ISAC, 2019). Previously, she studied a BFA in Theatre at the National University of the Arts, in Buenos Aires (2007).


Her practice unfolds at the intersection of choreography, fictional writing and geology, focusing mostly on the different ways in which spaces perform. Within her research she relates to fiction as movement, and to choreography in an expanded way. Through her work, she investigates choreography as a listening device: the potential of choreography to write relationships ; giving special attention to the ways in which the social and the geological construct each other. 


Since 2019, she’s working on a series of works that grow in relation to a desertifying group of bodies of water located in South America, focusing on embodiment as a way of resistance. The first work of the series, 'Always Coming Hole', was premiered in 2021 at Batard Festival in Brussels, and she's currently working on the second chapter: 'The River and The Devil', to be premiered in 2024. 


Since 2021 she collaborates with Wouter De Raeve in the project 'I Build My Language With Rocks', (, a choreographic project about the movements of the Northern Quarter in Brussels; a critical reading of the top-down movements (large-scale urban plans), and a focus on the local movements in the neighborhood. The notion of the swamp - one of the first forms of life buried under the asphalt in order for the city to be written - functions as a dramaturgical guidance throughout the project. In the frame of this project, in January 2022, Paula and Wouter opened a space called M33 on the ground floor of the Harmonie building devoted to the local movements of the neighbourghood. 


Paula’s work has been shown in several venues such as Batard Festival (Brussels), Veem House for Performance (Amsterdam), Kunsthalle Zurich, Munar Arte (Buenos Aires), Volumes Art Publising Days (Zurich), Teatro 25 de Mayo (Buenos Aires), Hamlet Gallery (Zurich), Sala de Belleza (Bogota), among others. 




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