Paula Almiron is a performance artist from Argentina based in Brussels.

She holds a Master in Choreography and Arts from the Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels (ISAC, 2019). She studied a BFA in Theater in the National University of the Arts, in Buenos Aires (UNA, 2004-2007), where  she also graduated in the Contemporary Dance School ARTE XXI in 2008.

She's currently developing an artistic research related to the relationship between choreography and non-human forces, working with different media, such as sound, dance and text.

Since some years she became interested in displacing the human being from being the point of reference while thinking about time, to destabilize human scales (both spatial and temporal) as the dominant plane of reference. 

She started this research interested in what philosopher Michael Marder calls “vegetal temporality” and approaching movement being guided by a vegetal ontology (understanding movement not only from an human / animal point of view, but acknowledging that the acts of growing, decaying, and changing of state, are also part of the many possible ways of understanding motion and relationality).

As a way to continue exploring time-zones that exist beyond the human temporality, addressing our incomprehensibility of the macroscopic, she's currently working on  a series of works related to the literary genre Eco-Fiction, travelling between the virtual and the real spheres within the practices of writing, reading, and imagining. At the moment, she's approaching the macro and micro performativity of Titicaca, a Latin American lake located in the frontier between Bolivia and Peru. Perhaps, as the argentinian theorist Walter Mignolo claims, as a way of “delinking from North Atlantic Universal fictions”. Within this series of works, which she calls “Choreographic Reading Spaces”, she aims to relate to fiction as movement, and to choreography in an expanded way, not necessarily bounded to a human body.


Paula also worked as a performer and collaborator with artists such as Dora Garcia (SP), Louise Vanneste (BE), Fabian Barba and Esteban Donoso (EC), Varinia Canto Vila (CH/BE), Diana Szeiblum (AR), Fabian Gandini (AR), among others.

Her work was supported in Argentina by the National Endowment for the Arts and ProDanza, showing her work in many performance and video art festivals in Latin America and Europe.

In 2020, she will be artist in residency in La Bellone Maison de Spectacle (Brussels), Villa Empain - Boghossian Foundation (Brussels), BUDA (Kortrijk), and La Serre - Arts Vivant (Montreal, Canada).


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