Paula Almiron is an Argentinian choreographer and dancer. She obtained a Master's degree in Choreography and Arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels (ISAC, 2019). Previously, she studied a BFA in Theatre at the National University of the Arts, in Buenos Aires (2007).


She is currently working on protocols for collective writing (text and choreography) and since her last work "Earlieron" (2019) she has been working around the literary genre Eco-Fiction, with a particular focus on the performativity of space. Within this research she wants to relate to fiction as movement, and to choreography in an expanded way.


Her new work 'Always coming hole', a book and performance around the interconnectedness of a group of bodies of water located in South America, was in residency at Kunstencentrum BUDA, Villa Empain - Boghossian Foundation, La Bellone Maison de Spectacle, Pianofabriek, workspacebrussels and Beursschouwburg. The first step of the work premiered at Batard Festival in February 2021 and will continue its path in residency in WpZimmer.


Her work is strongly bound in the collaboration with other artists such as Louise Vanneste, Varinia Canto Vila, Lili M.Rampre, Eliane Bertchi, Fabrizia Fluhler, Diana Szeinblum (AR). Paula is currently part of Hactiris in the former Actiris building in Brussels. It is within this artistic ecology that she has started a new collaboration with Wouter De Raeve, creating a common practice that grows at the intersection between choreography and spatial conditions.


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