I Build My Language With Rocks, 2021-2022

In I Build My Language With Rocks, Wouter De Raeve and I invite a group of people from the Northern Quarter in Brussels to engage in a year-long dance practice. We want to find out how to give life to a collective practice that instead of reducing the complex and heterogeneous social reality of the neighbourhood, acknowledges these relations and investigates their potentiality. The practice, which travels between dance and fictional writing is informed by the geological base of Brussels, the swamp; a foggy, opaque, complex, heterogenous, liquid ecology. How can relating the body with the swamp, help us to intensify the existing social complexity? Can choreography be a tool for re-defining the ways in which the geological and the social construct each other? 


In collaboration with vwz De Harmonie, Projet de Cohésion Social Quartier Nord, BXL Refugees and the Kaaitheater.


A project by Paula Almiron and Wouter De Raeve 

Dramaturgical support: Simon Asencio 

In conversation with ARCH, Lietje Bauwens, Flore Herman,  Katrien Reist, Anna Rispoli.

Production: HIROS

In collaboration with: vwz De Harmonie, Projet de Cohésion Social Quartier Nord, BXL Refugees, Kaaitheater.

Residencies: La Bellone Maison de Spectacle / La Serre Arts Vivants (Canada), Onder Stroom (Antwerpen), UAntwerpen. 

Supported by: Flemish  Government 


 © Marc Senden