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SOL NEGRO (Black sun), 2016​​​

Performance co-directed with argentinian theater maker Agustín Vasquez Corbalán.
The work travels between abstraction and story telling.​Based on The Fall of Pompeii and Herculaneum, one of the stories Walter Benjamin wrote for his radio shows, between 1929 and 1932.​

Directed by: Agustin Vasquez Corbalán and Paula Almiron
Performed by: Laura Monge, Sofía Grenada, Paula Almirón, Agustin Vasquez Corbalán, Mauro Tellextea, and the punk rock band Moko de Gorila (Julian Piepoli, Lucia Schiaffino and Facundo Martinez Ponce).
Lighting: Rocio Caliri.​​

Sol Negro 12.jpg
Sol Negro 06.jpg
Sol Negro 05.jpg
Sol Negro 16.jpg
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