EARLIERON my wings are made of plastic, 2019

‘EARLIERON my wings are made of plastic’ is a choreographic reading space which travels between the virtual and the real spheres within the practices of writing, reading, and imagining. 


The virtual is a space of emergence of the new, the unthought, the unrealized, which at every moment loads the presence of the present with supplementary, redoubling a world through parallel universes, universes that might have been’, Elizabeth Grosz.


Visitors and performers meet to read on The Hills of a stage. They become The Readers.

A textual matter taking the shape of an Eco Fiction meets a choreography taking place within human bodies as well as inside The Readers’s mind.


Each visitor is given a book which exposes its own weakness, finding its erosion page by page. A vulnerable binding is made through the echo of words, movements and voices which resonate in a virtual forest.


The work addresses questions regarding the virtuality of the earth, where a territory is a provisional stability, and one that mobilizes sensations and affects. 

The text, presenting a speculation about the origin of the universe and its uncontrollable becoming, is the result of a collaborative writing practice taking place with my collaborators during 2019. A book growing into the stage, or is it the opposite? Are the actions happening in the space parasiting the reading? Does it exist such a border?


Duration: 45 min. 

Directed by Paula Almiron 

Performed by and co-created with Eliane Bertschi, Fabrizia Fluhler, Lili M. Rampre & Paula Almiron

Text: Eliane Bertschi, Fabrizia Fluhler, Lili M. Rampre, Antonia Brown & Paula Almiron

Stage design: Eliane Bertschi & Paula Almiron

Kunsthalle Zurich, 2019

Theatre Brigittines, Brussels, 2019

 © 2019 Paula Almirón